Over the past year I have worked with Clayton on a number of initiatives and I found him to be one of the most capable and talented individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. First, Clayton has a very strong IT and operational background. He is able to create and communicate strategy and direction in a clear and concise manner. He has a proven track record of business acumen including managing full P&L responsibilities. He is able to assess risk and opportunity in both the short and long term and understand their financial impacts. Second, I have also witnessed Clayton’s ability to be creative, take initiative and work through business challenges in an organized and thoughtful manner. Finally, Clayton is genuinely a thought leader. He constantly challenges and looks for ways to improve and move forward. Clayton possesses a confident manner that is both positive and constructive. In closing I am confident that any organization would benefit from Claytons, knowledge attitude, integrity and abilities.

Larry Goerzen
Vice President – Rogers for Business

I have had the distinct privilege of utilizing and engaging the services of Clayton most recently at the City of Edmonton. Clayton was brought in to Provide Project Management services related to the relocation of 2 data centers in less than 18 months. This involved everything from sourcing the new data centers to the detailed technical planning required to seamlessly relocate data centers for an enterprise organization with more than 14,000 users, supporting 930,000 citizens. The services included within this portfolio included mission-critical business applications and applications that were required as part of coordinated emergency services delivery. Simply put, mistakes were not allowable in this project and the timelines given the scope of work were tremendously compressed. Clayton's ability to coordinate across multiple disparate groups of internal and vendor resources while remaining results-focused is unparalleled. Clayton repeatedly demonstrated excellent project management skills, as well as communication skills. The level of planning and coordination he displayed throughout, as well as his ability to remain factual, focused and results based were integral to the successful accomplishment of the projects. Beyond exceptional project management skills, Clayton repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to help in any and all ways possible to ensure project success. I have every confidence in Clayton and would have no hesitation whatsoever in engaging his services again in the future.

Daryl Croft
Branch Manager - Open City & Technology Branch

Clayton Reynar brings a wealth of datacenter experience, including several complicated corporate datacenter relocations, all delivered on time and on budget. He can oversee the entire move from infrastructure cabling, to facilities and racks, to applications, data and networks.

Graham (Willie) Gruber
Datacenter Relocation Program Manager

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