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Texas Data Center Facility

  • PRIME LOCATIONS WITH EXTENSIVE CAPACITY -Texas offers a massive 1.5GW of total capacity across three 512MW sites, with 1GW still available for allocation.

  • FLEXIBLE, TIER IV-COMPLIANT INFRASTRUCTURE - Tailor your data center build to meet your unique requirements, all while adhering to the industry's stringent Tier IV standards for maximum reliability.

  • COMMIT TO SUSTAINABILITY WITH ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT -  Set an example in sustainability by running your operations with zero carbon emissions, benefitting both your enterprise and the planet.

  • UNMATCHED "NET ZERO NOW" ENERGY SOLUTIONS - Experience the extraordinary power delivery by Gtherm's proprietary net zero technologies. Our advanced engineering solutions provide 100+kVA per rack, dissolving any previous limitations associated with power supply. This creates an ideal setting for AI, big data, and blockchain ventures.

  • FINANCIAL STABILITY WITH TEN-YEAR, FIXED-COST POWER AGREEMENT - Lock in your operational costs with a ten-year power agreement at $0.0675 cents per kWh, well below market rates, with a renewal option.

  • TURN EXCESS POWER INTO REVENUE - Not just economical but also revenue-generating—sell your surplus power back to the grid and share a 50/50 split of the profits.

  • MINIMAL INITIAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED - The only initial outlay required is two months' worth of operational power costs, which will be credited back to you two months before the end of your agreement.

Reynar IT and GTherm have joined forces to offer unparalleled enterprise data center opportunities

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Frequently asked quetions

At Reynar IT, our data center architecture consulting stands out due to our blend of global expertise, a personalized approach, and an unwavering commitment to quality. We emphasize a client-centric design process, ensuring that the architecture aligns perfectly with specific business goals and the latest industry standards.

Our approach to custom builds revolves around future-proofing. We start by understanding your current needs and future aspirations. By leveraging the latest technology and innovative design principles, we ensure that the data centers we construct are not only efficient in their operations but also scalable, accommodating your business growth seamlessly.

Absolutely! Our consulting services include a comprehensive analysis of your existing data center setup. We'll evaluate its current performance, potential for scalability, and how it matches up against your future needs. Based on our findings, we provide recommendations on whether an upgrade would suffice or if a new custom-built facility would offer a better return on investment and performance.

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